Who We Are

Thanks for visiting Vanguard Paints & Finishes, Inc. Proudly serving our customers from our location in Marietta, Ohio.


….IN 1939

  • Germany invades Poland and WWII begins
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt is President
  • John N. Garner is Vice President
  • US population is 130,879,718
  • The New york World’s Fair opens
  • Federal spending is $9.14 billion
  • Unemployment is 17.2%
  • The Yankees defeat Cincinnati in he World Series
  • Bobby Riggs wins Wimbledon
  • Oregon defeats Ohio State to win the NCAA Basketball Championship
  • “Gone With The WInd” premiers
  • Batman cartoon debuts
  • .. Vanguard Paints & Finishes, Inc. is founded

Vanguard is a privately owned and operated business. There have been many changes in the 79 years we have been in business. Throughout all those years, however, our foundational principles have remained constant, including our commitment to uncompromising customer service. We have built our reputation by putting customer needs first…always have….always will.

Customer Relationships

Vanguard strives to establish a custom relationship with each of our customers. Our mission is to become an integral part of your production team. Such a relationship is based on leading-edge technology and a customer focused sales and support program, individually tailored to meet your needs for

  • production and performance specifications
  • inventory control
  • regulatory compliance
  • SDS documentation
  • quick response
  • technical support
  • cost containment

Your needs are unique; so are the solutions we provide.