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Polyguard Plus Polyurethane Varnishes

Urethane Alkyd

Approximately 450-500 sq.ft./gallon, depending on the condition of the surface.

This product may be applied by brush or spray

Brush - None
Spray - 8 to 1 with V-97 Synthetic Thinner

Dry time
Handle - 8 Hours
Topcoat - 18-24 Hours

Use Xylene or MIBK

Removing existing paint from surfaces by means of sanding, scraping, or other mechanical means may create dust or particles containing lead. Avoid creating dust or other debris. BREATHING OR EATING LEAD-CONTAINING DUST OR DEBRIS CAN CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEMS, ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN AND PREGNANT WOMEN.

Special properties
Polyguard Plus is a high-build coating with non-yellowing properties formulated for maximum abrasion resistance. It is enhanced with polyurethane and silicone to provide a tough, long lasting finish.

Where to use
Polyguard Plus is ideal for coating new or properly prepared previously finished cabinets, woodwork, paneling and fine furniture.

Surface preparation
Surface preparation is a key factor in proper finishing. The surface must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, grease, and mildew. Fill holes and cracks with paste wood filler. Sand new wood before applying Polyguard Plus. Previously finished wood must have all of the old finish completely removed and the surface properly sanded before applying Polyguard Plus. If the old surface cannot be properly prepared, use Vanguard's Van-O-Var Varnish to finish the surface.

Apply only when the air temperature and that of the surface to be finished are above 50 degrees F. Stir thoroughly before using. Apply a full even coat by brush or spray. Sand lightly between coats with fine sandpaper.

Colors available
V-20 Gloss Polyguard Plus
V-21 Satin Polyguard Plus

Package sizes
Gallons, quarts, and pints

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