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Truck, Tractor and Machinery Enamels


Approximately 500 sq.ft./gallon, depending on the condition of the surface

This product may be applied by brush, roller or spray

Brush and Roller - As necessary with V-97 Thinner
Spray - 8 to 1 with V-100 Spray Reducer

Dry time
Tack free - 4 hours
Recoat - 18 hours

Use Xylene or MIBK

Removing existing paint from surfaces by means of sanding, scraping, or other mechanical means may create dust or particles containing lead. Avoid creating dust or other debris. BREATHING OR EATING LEAD-CONTAINING DUST OR DEBRIS CAN CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEMS, ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN AND PREGNANT WOMEN.

Special properties
High gloss enamels primarily for exterior use, Truck, Tractor & Machinery Enamels have been formulated for use on machinery that is exposed to all kinds of weather.

Where to use
Truck, Tractor & Machinery Enamels are suitable for brushing and spraying on machinery and other exterior metal surfaces. It can also be used on wood, if properly prepared.

Surface preparation
Surfaces to be painted must be clean, smooth and free of dirt, dust, mildew, grease, flaking and chipping paint, and other surface contamination. Cracks, seams, holes and nail holes should be filled with putty or caulking compound and allowed to dry. Slick or glossy surfaces should be dulled by sanding. All bare wood, metal and other surfaces should be coated with an appropriate primer before applying Truck, Tractor & Machinery Enamels.

Apply only when the air temperature and that of the surface to be painted are above 45 degrees F. For best results, do not apply in direct sunlight. Avoid painting late in the day when dew or condensation are likely to form or when rain is threatening. Stir thoroughly before using.

Colors available
No. 860 Black
No. 861 Red
No. 862 Yellow
No. 863 Green No. 864 Orange

Package sizes
Gallons and quarts

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